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Cannot Select Items in a List Box

One list box in a dashboard suddenly stopped working properly in our web client.  All linked list boxes for the same dimension are affected (3).  These linked list boxes are on different sheets.  Items in the list box are white, indicating they are selectable, however, when users click on them they momentarily turn green then go back to white without selecting the item(s).  We have many production dashboards, but only this one dashboard and this single dimension in it seem affected.

The dashboard uses section access, but this phenomenon still occurs when section access code in the dashboard script is disabled.  There are no alternate states.  There are no triggers associated with the list box or dimension in question.

Both the QA and Production versions in the web client are affected.  This problem does not occur in QV desktop for either the QA or Dev versions, making it very difficult to diagnose.  In the past, we have seen some similar and unusual behavior from this dashboard, but it would vanish when the dashboard was published the next day.  This time, the problem persists.

Has anyone else encountered this?

QV11 SR5



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Simen, there have been no changes in months.  It's interesting to hear that features can persist on the server or that, as Jonathan mentions, order of execution can create unpredictable behavior. 


As far as order of operations , its a tricky subject.

You'll find some info here on it.  Trying to see if i can get you something more definitive to read up on.  Anyways this pertains to actions/triggers specifically so not to worry if you aren't using those.


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ioannis, I am glad you suggested the unchecking the setting in document > open.  I forgot to do that.  Unfortunately, it had no effect.

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This afternoon web access was lost for a few minutes ("Message: No Server" was displayed on the AccessPoint), and when it came back, poof, the issue was resolved!  Our server folks have not found an issue in the logs.  They were doing nothing on their end to cause a disruption.

Thanks for the suggestions.  I wish I knew how and why this resolved itself.

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Contributor III

I just had a similar issue with v12.1 SR3 and wanted to share how I resolved it.

The issue was that one of our bookmarks was utilizing a field that was locked to a specific value. The underlying data on that field changed and that value was no longer a value that could be selected. While the 'current selections' box did not show this particular field, the lock persisted, thus making the list box unclickable.

The quickest way to fix this is to go to the "navigation" menu bar and click the "unlock" button. This will unlock all fields, including fields that are not visible from the current selections box.

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Thanks.  That is a great find.  The issue recurred for us until we did a thorough revision of the dashboard.  We did away with a locked field, among other things we no longer needed, and it fixed the issue for good for us. I did not know for sure which change worked, but your observation paints the locked field as the culprit!