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Hierarchy load problems

I need to build up a hierarchy from a table with about 610.000 records which contains Parent- and Child-IDs, the deepest Childlevel is 5, with the following code:

Hierarchy (Inst_Id, Parent_Inst_Id, Inst_Name)
From tmp_Institutions(qvd);

What happens is that QlikView seems to start build up the hierarchy - but then nothing else happens. No error messages or something like that, but no progress whatsoever. It seems like it runs into an infinite loop.

The last script execution status is:

Institutions-NodeList << tmp_Institutions (qvd optimized) 609,295 Sätze erhalten

We run it for several hours, but nothing happend so we had to interrupt the sript.

My first try was to split up the table in blocks of 100.000 records. This works fine - but I guess this can't be correct, as related IDs could be in different blocks, and therefore the hierarchy cannot be build up correctly.

Is there any other possibilty to get this to work? Any ideas why there is no progress in the script?

We are running QV10 64 Bit, with 32 GB RAM.

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I am not sure about this issue but as starters you can enable log and check out the what exactly happens.

But as a work around, if your source is Oracle, is to get this done at SQL level using CONNECT BY PRIOR key word.


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Hi Kiran,

The log-file (the one the QVW generates) doesnt show anything special, it says "detected 3 fields" and then nothing else follows.

But the hint with CONNECT BY was helpful, we will try to get a prepared table out of oracle to use in QV.

Thanks a lot!