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Best Practices for Optimizing

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Best Practices for Optimizing

Hi Friends,

     Hope all are doing good. PFA, It refers to explain the best Methods for optimizing. hope this will helps you guys.



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You write that the count(distinct xxx) should be replaced with a sum(Field), field populated during the script. QV 11 seems to be far more efficient now on that topic.


Did you state the same slowness ?


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that first one - the compression_rate when saving - is very interesting. We have had the issue a few times that QlikView was using too much memory on the server. Once it just seemed to run haywire, memory_usage rose to near 100% of available memory ... that is a different issue I'm sure, but the time the server takes to open and reload apps might be relevant nonetheless.

=> Can anyone tell me what will be the effect of a lower compression_rate (set in the user_preferences, right?)? The qvw will take up more space, I guess, but how much?


P.S.: OK, the size of one app just rose from 900kb to 1MB (data in) when I set the compression to "low" (in the doc_settings, too). How much then will be the "win" effect of that in terms of opening_time (rel.)?

If you turn off or lower the compression, the qvw will occupy more space on disk. It will not affect the RAM usage.

Compression can affect the opening time if the document has to be read from disk. In general, compressed documents will load faster. However, I have seen cases with very large documents where uncompressed opens faster. In that case, the additional CPU required for decompression took longer than additional IO. You would have to test to see if it makes a difference in your case. More here

Qlikview Notes: Document Compression



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