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Dashboard 101 - Creating a dashboard.pdf


Dashboard 101 - Creating a dashboard.pdf

Many people have created a dashboard before either in QlikView or in any other software tools. But how many of you have actually thought about whether your dashboard acts like a dashboard in a car?  Does it alert users when a critical situation occurs? Or is it something pretty to look at?

In this documentation, you will learn the fundamentals of what a dashboard should contain. 

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This doc isa good summaryto start building the dashboard.

Champion III
Champion III

Hi Shima,

Thank you for the post.  I've been working recently on this as well, and agree with most of what you say.  In my opinion, the major features of the "dashboard" should be:
- Show a few most important KPIs.
- Minimum (if any) selections.
- No details (but OK to have easy and intuitive access to some details).
- A few simple charts.  A chart with something like "you're here" marker in timeline.
- Highlight risks and show major recent changes.
- Intuitive enough that no user training is needed.

A couple points where I have somewhat different opinion:
Gauges.  I used to think, as you do, that gauges can be replaced with just a number.  This is essentially what a gauge shows.  But later I changed my mind, because a gauge shows number in context: Is this number better or worse than expected?  Is it better or worse than last year?  How large is the difference? - all this info is in one gauge.
Using green color.  It is helpful to alert to any bad news using red.  But I think that the purpose of a dashboard is also to inform about the important not negative changes.  A simple example - there is a business opportunity which is significantly larger than usual.  Nothing bad about it, but a user (an executive) maybe want to take a note and act accordingly, for example by shifting resources toward this opportunity.  BTW, I do have green colors on my car's dashboard - headlights are on, engine is running in the "economy" mode 🙂

Best Regards,

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