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Digital Support

STT - Troubleshooting Embedded Analytics

This session addressed:
- Clarifying authentication
- Embedding Qlik Objects
- Troubleshooting issues

- Intro

01:13 - What is Embedded Analytics?

01:58 - Documentation for 3 methods

04:32 - Important settings in QMC

06:35 - Authentication options

07:39 - Embed single chart Demo

09:08 - Browser Dev Tools

11:56 - Troubleshooting checklist

13:29 - Same Site Setting in QMC

15:21 - Embed full sheet demo

16:16 - Embed mashup with Nebula.js demo

20:19 - Troubleshooting Mashup run

22:11 - Using Dev Tools

24:07 - Troubleshooting user access

27:23 - Unsupported Charts

28:01 - Picasso.js

28:36 - Q&A: How to Embed with reverse Proxy?

29:02 - Q&A: How much does it cost?

29:26 - Q&A: How to configure QS with SSL offloading?

29:56 - Q&A: What is SSL Offloading?

30:31 - Q&A: SSL Offloading best practices

31:55 - Q&A: Why Chrome asks for login repeatedly?

32:32 - Q&A: Possible to embed QlikView charts?

33:05 - Q&A: Why is an extension suddenly failing?

33:41 - Q&A: What about authorization errors?

34:37 - Q&A: Are there any Embedded chart logs?

35:15 - Q&A: Whare are those logs?

35:42 - Q&A: Can multiple tabs have separate sessions?

36:15 - Q&A: How to see variables in a mashup?

37:35 - Q&A: How does this affect performance?

38:22 - Q&A: Why page redirect to login in a loop?


Oscars demo app

Single Integration API documentation

App Integration API documentation

Using Nebula.js documentation for Qlik Sense SaaS

Article for using Nebula.js with Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows

All you need to know to start using iFrames/Mashups

Which Qlik Sense Enterprise licenses support anonymous access?

Supported Charts for Nebula.js

Picasso.js for Qlik Sense


Q: If user in group A is responsible to create app and only allow to publish to only users within group A and we should want to embed it to a webpage. since we are using saml, users within group A accessing to the webpage will be able to see the app, but users that are not in group A will not be. For such case, what would be the recommended approach to allow the app to be embed webpage and allow all user to view the app?

A: Whether a user can see the embedded app/objects or not depends on if he has Read rights on the object as per the security rule and is not dependent on the type of authentication used.

Q: Does this apply to Qlik cloud as well?

A: For most parts yes, the front end code is nearly the same, but the configuration in the Qlik Cloud console requires additional steps.

Q: Any special considerations if running Qlik Sense behind a reverse proxy such as NGINX or an F5?

A: Make sure to indicate the URL the user access when accessing Qlik Sense (the reverse proxy URL and not the internal Qlik Sense URL). Also make sure to not alter headers used by the APIs.

Q: Is it possible to authenticate iframes with qlik Saas and, if so, how?

A: Yes, by using javascript to verify if the user is already authenticated or not and redirect to the login page if not.

Q: Is the nebula.js mashup available in Qlik Sense Client Managed?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: I am using Qlik Cloud. Is there any way to have anonymous access for embedded sheets and charts? 

A: Unfortunately, it’s not possible at the moment.

Q: Is it possible to attach a chart by the id of the object regardless of the type of chart it is with nebula.js?

A: Only charts listed on the page of nebula.js supported charts can be used.

Q: What are the major differences between embedding with Qlik Sense Enterprise on Premise and Qlik Sense Cloud?

A: The setup to be done in the Qlik Management console (virtual proxy) and the setup to be done in the Qlik Sense cloud console (web integration and CSR) are different. Most of the front end code is the same.




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