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Here you'll find the recordings of our Techspert Talks sessions (formally Support Techspert Thursdays).

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Digital Support

STT - Upgrading Qlik Sense Repository Database

This session covers:
- New functionality when Upgrading
- Upgrading PostgreSQL details
- Troubleshooting
- End of Life of PostgreSQL 9.6

- Intro

01:43 - Supported versions of PostgreSQL

03:20 - New PostgreSQL installer

05:16 - Upgrading details

06:29 - Start by stopping all Services

07:42 - Demo 1: Upgrading as existing database

08:34 - Auto Back-up location

09:05 - Where to find the installer

09:29 - Services After the upgrade

10:20 - Using PgAdmin

10:53 - Demo 2: Restore back-up in a new database

12:51 - Look at Services

13:12 - Restore database with PgAdmin

15:28 - Connecting newly restored database to Qlik Sense

18:07 - How to rollback and troubleshoot

19:50 - Q&A: How to back-up?

20:52 - Q&A: What about Multi-Node?

 21:46 - Q&A: How to make upgrading easier?

22:28 - Q&A: How to see Qlik Sense site tree?

23:12 - Q&A: Where to find upgrading guidelines?

23:51 - Q&A: How to reset lost password?

24:15 - Q&A: Will QS Upgrade update Postgres also?

24:44 - Q&A: Upgrade QS or Postgres first?

25:54 - Q&A: How do you change the port after install?

26:40 - Q&A: How do you change the port in connection string?

 27:14 - Q&A: How do you change the port for rim nodes?

28:14 - Q&A: What if the service won't start?

29:25 - Q&A: Will the lastest version of Postgres work?

30:11 - Closing


Upgrading Qlik Sense Repository Database from PostgreSQL 9.6 to 12.5 - New tool available

Backup and Restore Qlik Sense Enterprise documentation

Migrating Like a Boss

Optimizing Performance for Qlik Sense Enterprise

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows: How To Upgrade Standalone PostgreSQL

How-to reset forgotten PostgreSQL password in Qlik Sense

How to configure Qlik Sense to use a dedicated PostgreSQL database

Troubleshooting Qlik Sense Upgrades


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