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Digital Support
Digital Support

STT - Visualization Day

This Techspert Talks session covers:

  • Future Visualization Updates
  • New Layout Container
  • Dynamic Linking with Bookmarks



  • 01:59 - New Straight Table
  • 02:45 - Background Images, Fine Grid, Font Styling
  • 03:45 - Turn off Sheet Title and Tool Bar
  • 04:06 - Multi-Language App
  • 04:41 - New Filter Panes
  • 04:58 - Line Object
  • 05:34 - New Rich Text Object
  • 06:20 - Layout Container
  • 07:21 - Tip 1: Don't go off grid
  • 07:43 - Tip 2: Best things are odd, example app
  • 09:26 - Tip 3: Image is everything, example app
  • 12:15 - Tip 4: Simplicity
  • 12:58 - Tip 5: You can, you don't have to
  • 15:03 - Setting Default Bookmarks
  • 16:34 - Creating Dynamic Bookmarks
  • 17:46 - Search Expression Best Practices
  • 18:44 - Update Bookmark
  • 20:00 - Adding Layout options to bookmarks
  • 21:34 - Sharing Bookmarks
  • 22:50 - Q&A: Why selection gone after using bookmark?
  • 24:30 - Q&A: How can we do multi-page exports?
  • 25:08 - Q&A: Can container go inside containers?
  • 25:50 - Q&A: How to learn about new releases?
  • 26:43 - Q&A: How to change the font of an app?
  • 27:12 - Q&A: Do chart settings override the theme?
  • 27:46 - Q&A: How to make a filter pane collapse?
  • 28:30 - Q&A: Where demo apps are available?
  • 29:25 - Q&A: When will the new Text Object be available?
  • 29:49 - Q&A: Can you import an Excel chart in Sense?
    - Q&A: Are values in a Rich Text Object selectable?
  • 31:03 - Q&A: Does public bookmarks trigger a notification?
  • 31:42 - Q&A: Where to find those Search Expressions?
  • 32:26 - Q&A: How to send Bookmark links?
  • 32:52 - Q&A: Are some of these add-on features?
  • 33:12 - Q&A: How to apply a bookmark to a monitored chart?





Q: Your multi language apps is really critical to my business as we globalise - where is there more content about how we can handle dimension name translation in line with the native Qlik langauge translations?

A: Dimension names can be renamed in the load script, but it may not be necessary, just translate the dimension labels in the app instead.
Making a Multilingual Qlik Sense App

How to Rename Fields

Q: Do the objects within the new Container have to be master visualizations?

A: No, you don't need to use Master visualizations. You can add new charts to the object or drag and drop existing charts from the sheet.


Q: When will the Layout Container be available?

A: Most likely later this year


Q: After update, there is a problem with filtering a "toString" field. I can't open the application for 10 minutes. What wrong with that field? (e.g. load * inline [toString test1];)

A: Hard to tell without seeing the app and knowing what the field is. As a general rule, keep the cardinality of fields down. If I would guess toString in this case may stop the engine from optimizing the field. To learn more, read HiCs post.

Symbol Tables and Bit-Stuffed Pointers


Q: Will we be able to pin objects to certain locations on the grid? As shown, a sheet menu build using the layout container would be nice to pin to the top left corner for example?

A: In the first release positioning and size will be using percentages. So, if you would have the position 0% for both axis then it would be pinned in the corner.




Click here to see video transcript






6 Replies

Nice! Glad to have some viz 'innovation' in qs 🤗

Contributor II
Contributor II

Can the new straight table be sent as an excel file in Qlik automation instead of only PDF and PPT ??

Contributor III
Contributor III

I would be very interested in what we see in the bottom of the screen at 3:09min. Is that some kind of navigation panel that can be build?

If not so, is something similar planned to make it more convient for the user to jump to different sheets?


Also - you explained on the new upcoming features for the filterpane (auto, always collapsed...). Will the overflow option also be available for mobile devices? As of now, if the filterpane is to small it is not usable on a normal sized iPad?


"I would be very interested in what we see in the bottom of the screen at 3:09min. Is that some kind of navigation panel that can be build?"

Multi KPI can be a suitable choice. Add any measure and hide value  >> Name a label as navigation menu >> Activate link to sheet and select the desired sheet >> Select an icon.







the layout container didn't make it to the nov 23  technical preview? 

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @mikaelsc 

Please direct questions regarding the Technical Preview and its features to the Technical Preview forum.

All the best,

Don't forget to Like posts and use the "Accept as Solution" button on content that answered your question! Thanks 🙂