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Troubleshooting QlikView Server – Frequently reported issues 2/15

In this session we will cover frequently reported issues, for example: Task Failures, Exception Errors, QlikView Service issues and more. We will disclose the most common solutions and provide an insight on how to troubleshoot them.

For best viewing, we recommend you set the highest video resolution.

Q&A - Troubleshooting QlikView - Frequently reported issues

Q: Where can I find information to troubleshoot issues related with the Session Collaboration feature?

A:  Most of the information would be available on our knowledge database and maybe also in our qlikcommunity. I would recommend you do search our knowledge base first.

Q: What could be the reason when a service is down, but on the services windows interface, it shows the service is still running?

A:  This problem will differ from scenario to scenario. I could give you an example, for instance if you’re experiencing network issues with your domain controller or by using a proxy which will hinder the communication of QMS with the other services, you would have the above described scenario. 

Q: Hello, is there a period of time where the task logs are deleted? Is there a way to recover them or have them not deleted at all?

A:  Yes, the log files will be deleted after a period of 30 days, as this is a standard setting within the QVDistributionService.exe.config. This could be changed. See the article “How to change the amount of days Publisher log files are stored in the Application Data Folder”.

Q: How do the resolutions for License Leasing apply to Qlik Sense installations?

A: QlikView and QlikSense are two different products and the licensing models are also different. QlikSense Desktop is provided for free for personal and internal business use. Please, see our licensing model White Papers for more details.

Q: Hi - Did you cover the resolution if lease license is recorded against roaming profile?

A: Clients using multiple or roaming profiles should be aware that the Lease info is stored locally in the profile, so if they no longer have access to it they will lose the lease.

Q: Could you please let me know the significance of "Allow Dynamic CAL Assignment" option related to the Document CALs?

A: This means that if a new document CAL can be assigned to the connecting client, it is used. This will be done of course dynamically.

Q: is it a possibility to have a reload continuously with QlikView App?

A: Yes, this is possible and have to be configured as a Trigger -> On a Schedule ->  Continuously.

Q: On our environment, it already happen that the qvb.exe process get stuck for hours but we aren't seeing anything from the log files. Is there a way to see some log information about what happen?

A: In this case I would suggest to raise a Case with Qlik Support to investigate this issue. A possible start is to activate the QVB Call Logging (See Article “How to enable logging of QVB calls”)

Q: Is it possible for applications to cause memory leak in the server and if yes , how to identify them ?

A: This could mostly happens with Applications using a bad Data model and memory intensive Calculations on the front End. Best way is to check what applications are used when the issue occurred and test these applications.

Q: Is there a lot of performance impact when activating high level of logging?

A: This is depending on the system and type of Logs. We have in some cases good experiences to change the time for the Performance Log from 5 minutes to a higher value to get a better Performance. For Reload / Server Logs we recommend to use normal logging mainly and just change to High / Debug in case of investigation a problem.

Q: Hello, is there a period of time where the task logs are deleted? Is there a way to recover them or have them not deleted at all?

A: The Distribution Service Log files are subject to removal after 30 days, this can be changed in the Configuration File (see Article “How to change the amount of days Publisher log files are stored in the Application Data Folder”)

Q: Is there already a solution concerning license leases in a Citrix environment? At the moment one User could lease more than one CAL?

A: The Solution would be to ensure a User is located on the same instance every time he connects to the Citrix System in 24 hours. A named User CAL can only be used on two systems in 24 hours by one user.

Q: Is there a way to preload a document through the management console?

A: This can be specified in the Server -> Performance Tab of a Document or if Publisher is used in the Task .

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