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    nprinting 17 task reload after QMC task

    Rakul Alagu


      Is there a way to trigger a Nprinting 17.3 task after completion of a QVW task in QMC like it was done in Nprinting 16.




        • Re: nprinting 17 task reload after QMC task
          Lech Miszkiewicz

          sure thing.. in short here is a cascade of tasks:


          • Reload your app in QMC
            • Create a simple small qvw file which will run right after your app is reloaded.
              • (Execute  Batch)This small app will have an Execute statement in it which will trigger a batch file which will open a html file.
                • Open HTML and USE API


          2 first steps can be triggered from QMC in QLikView and rest is done via APIs


          Attached is HTML File which you just need to change to point to your task Id and server name.


          More details here:






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