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    Installation of Qlik server and publisher on different servers for load sharing

      Hi All,

      we have an Qlik 10 enterprise server with publisher.

      Qlik recommends to install them on separate servers:

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      QlikView Server and Publisher have different roles and handle CPU and memory differently it’s considered a best practice to separate these two components on different servers.

      If at any time QlikView performance is judged to slow down it is addressed by adding processing power. Quite simply QlikView scales almost perfectly with the addition of more cores and more CPU’s. If a given query takes 6 seconds to run against a single core CPU (of a given speed), then the same query will take ~3 seconds to run against a dual core CPU (of the same speed). It will take ~1.5 seconds against a quad core CPU and ~0.75 seconds against two quad core CPUs, etc. One must take into account some additional processing overhead when scaling with cores, however the effects on proportional linear scaling are minimal. Conversely, if additional users are making the same query then the response time will scale linearly according to the number of simultaneous users making the request and the amount of processing power available to the application.


      To be able to use more CPU power for application queries I would like to install publisher on another server.


      In this case are they acting as diffent servers ? Do I need an additional server license If I separate them ?

      How server communicates with publisher ?


      thanks in advance