Designing a Self Report with Qlik View

    Enable your users to design their own reports!




    Often it´s the case that your users would like to have the possibility to see many different reports with many different dimensions. You usually would then start to build a report according to their requirements. But sometimes you build a new report and when you are finished your users come up with the next question and require new fields in that report. Or the one user would like to see it a little bit different then the next one and wants to see a dimension that the other one doesn´t need at all. Many times there are reports that are just used one time and it doesn´t make sense to integrate them into the Qlik View Design. The solution is to build a report like described as follows which I call “Self-Report”. The first time I saw this was in the “What is new in Qlik View 11” document issued by Qlik. This is a description of how to do it.