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Hi guys - my buddy Patric Nordstrom, Director Product Marketing (Visualizations), and I have teamed up to bring you some valuable information that will help you improve location accuracy when plotting locations when using our native Qlik Sense Map object or our Qlik GeoAnalytics mapping extensions.


Watch or download the embedded / attached video, along with the blog and samples to learn some techniques to help qualify your location dimension so you can improve the quality of your lookup's hit rate. Please leave your comments, questions below, we want to hear from you. Thanks for watching! 


Quick Snip from Patric's Blog:


The on-the-fly location lookup is one of my favorite features of Qlik GeoAnalytics and the native map in Qlik Sense. Just add a field and the map automagically places the assets using the field content. The attached article and sample explains how on-the fly lookup works and how you as user can improve the hit rate.

How it works


The on-the-fly lookup in Qlik is powered by a vast database populated with location entries. It holds currently approximately 7 million features of different types: countries, regions, municipalities, populated places, airport codes, zip codes etc.

In most cases each place has several aliases for the same location in local language or just a different spelling. When the database is queried it responds back with a geometry. Most of entries are points but the database also contains many area geometries for well-known regions. The database also keeps a hierarchy of the entries, a place belongs to country and a region, in order to distinguish places from each other.

How to Improve

Watch the video and download the article and samples to learn more!



Can't see the video? YouTube blocked by your organization or region? Download the .mp4 in the attached .zip file to watch on your computer or mobile device.