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QlikView Server excessive RAM Usage Abril 2019 SR3

I have a model in which there are users who created their own objects, when a user opens the model via QVP the entire server is hanging due to excessive consumption of RAM.

This did not happen in QV Server November 2017 but it does happen in QV Server April 2019 SR3.


- How can I determine which object is generating the problem considering that there are many user objects?
- Can you limit QV Server so that if a model is consuming a lot of RAM only that model is offline? Any idea to make the entire server not crash is welcome.
- Is there a way to observe the RAM consumption by model?

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The easy test is to remove the .shared/.tshared file for the application in a test environment and see if you can still see the issue, that will prove your theory.  The next thing I would recommend is running the cleaning tool on the shared/tshared file:


If any objects are identified as bad, you will need to stop the QVS service and replace the file and restart things in order for things to be swapped correctly, you cannot hot-swap things in this case as if the app is in memory, then the shared contents are as well, so what is in memory will be written back to the cleaned file when you hot-swap it and you are right back where you started.  

As far as trying to find the object, the best bet would be to turn on QVS Audit Logging, so you can see who was doing what right before the issue occurs:


May be easier to load things up into the Governance Dashboard as well to try to help identify things too:


About the best I can offer.


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