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Calculate fully completed schedueled work hours


I am trying to calculate the number of complete hours staff has worked at different times during the day. It is a 24/7 schedule. 

Below is an example of how the data looks (there are thousands and thousands of rows like this). An Id that represent a staff member, and date/time when they start work and end work. 

I am trying to figure out how to calculate the number of fully completed scheduled working hours that there are at different times during the day...i.e. between  0800 - 0900, 0900 - 1000, 2200 - 2300 ...(at all hours during the day). I am interested in both fully completed hours but also partly completed hours, i.e. start at 0730...or end at 1615. 

I want to be able to select several days or weeks to see aggregated statistics for scheduled hours at different times during the day.

Right now I am stuck ... I include an example app .


A82132020-01-03 06:002020-01-03 15:15
A52322020-01-03 13:002020-01-03 23:00
A82312020-01-03 08:002020-01-03 16:30
A12122020-01-03 22:002020-01-04 07:00
A82132020-01-04 06:002020-01-04 16:00
A82312020-01-04 13:502020-01-04 23:00
A52322020-01-04 08:002020-01-04 16:00
A12122020-01-04 21:002020-01-05 07:30
A82132020-01-05 06:002020-01-05 16:00
A82312020-01-05 13:002020-01-05 22:00
A52322020-01-05 08:002020-01-05 16:45
A12122020-01-05 22:002020-01-06 07:00


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