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Customer segmentation analysis

Hi all,

i'm new on qlik and i have to develop a customer analysis for important BI demo. The situation is : there are different segments (for istance age class) that have different attributes. For every id_person, in different times, is calculated the segment.

I have a line chart in wich is represented in the y axis the number of id_person, in the x axis the months. In the legend there are the different attributes of the selected segment.

I'm trying to build a drill drown from line chart to pie chart. I would have multiple pies for every segment that i didn't select for the line chart.

I build multiple pies with trellis option but i don't know how to exclude the selected segment (with a conditional in the dimension?). Besides i would that the pies represent only the composition of id_person that are selected with the specific segment. I have to build the pies with only the id_person that are in the first selection of the segment.

Thanx to all.


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