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Contributor III
Contributor III

Stack Bar chart with multiple dimension


please see the bar chart created on excel with X axis dimensions Buyer and FactoryName (Chart 2).

and i have created a stacked bar chart in qlikview from the same data set ( Chart 1). But i want to separate the buyer list for each Factory Name by a vertical line on X axis  as shown in Chart 2  since my qlikveiw chart ( Chart 1) shows all the buyers together and cant identify which factory they are from.

Additionally i want to remove buyer names which has no values on the chart as chart 2 shows.

please help me to sort this out.

thanking in advance.

Chart 1.


Chart 2.


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select Grouped chart instead of Stacked for dimensions.

As per your second chart you have used two expression one for the Jul Late and Jul ontime

so you have two use two expression and two dimensions.


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Ritesh

I have used two dimensions and two expressions for my qlikview chart as well.


1. Buyer

2. Factory


1. Jul Late

2. Jul Ontime

and already chart is on grouped mode.

what i want is to remove blank bars from the chart ( for an example referring to your image, if your June month has no sales then its bar should be disappered ).

and to use a separator line ( Vertical ) as shown in my excel chart.

Creator III
Creator III

You want to show the data if it have some value right?

Creator III
Creator III

write if condition

if ( sum( dimension)>0,Sum(dimension))

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Manoj

thank you for the reply.but if condition didn't work. but i found following post regarding the same issue which i had.

It gave me a close enough solution.

conditional to hide bars in bar chart?