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week numbers from calendar date

Hi All,

How to calculate week numbers from calendar date and my requirement is that,week should start from Monday and so total 52 week should come but,currently i am getting 53 weeks.

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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist


To calculate week number jjust use Week() - function.

Weeks are numbered according to ISO standard. In some years could be 53 weeks, in fact 53 week previous is the same as 1st week next year. These numbers depends on weekday on which falls January, 1.

Hope this helps you.



Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

There are (slightly) more than 52 weeks in a year. Some years mus have 52 weeks, and some must have 53 to average at more than 52. How do you want to handle the 1 or 2 days after 52 weeks? And how do you want to handle days in the year before the first Monday?

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