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Digital Support

STT - Troubleshooting Qlik Data Transfer

This Techspert Talk session addresses:
- How Qlik Data Transfer works
- Deployment best practices
- Troubleshooting common issues


00:00 - Intro

01:00 - What is Qlik Data Transfer?

02:03 - Where to find Requirements and Limitations

03:53 - Troubleshooting Blank Screen 1: Windows Policy

04:40 - Where to find QDT Log Files

05:18 - Setting the RemoteSigned Policy in PowerShell

06:21 - Troubleshooting Blank Screen 2: Admin Rights

07:28 - What if you don't understand the log message?

07:49 - Troubleshooting Blank Screen 3: Certificates

08:38 - Run MMC as Service Account

09:59 - Install QDT on it's own machine?

10:22 - Troubleshooting Unable to Connect 1: Cypher

10:47 - Generating an tenant API Key

11:56 - Checking port 443

12:57 - Using gpedit - Edit Windows Policies

14:06 - Troubleshooting Unable to Connect 2:

15:04 - Checking Windows Firewall

15:59 - Q&A: What are differences between version?

17:01 - Q&A: Recommended QDT Version

17:23 - Q&A: Which user can create QDT tasks?

17:58 - Q&A: Which user ID can create tasks?

19:04 - Q&A: Where to find QDT in Qlik Sense SaaS?

19:58 - Q&A: Is this available with Qlik Sense Cloud?

20:14 - Q&A: How to see Managed Space in Destinations?

21:15 - Q&A: Is this available with QlikView


Installation Requirements

Uploading Data Limitations

Adding Cipher Suite for Qlik Data Transfer

Qlik Data Transfer unable to connect to the tenant

Troubleshooting Qlik DataTransfer

Installing and Using Qlik Data Transfer

PowerShell Command to check if Port 443 is open:
Test-NetConnection -ComputerName CLOUDTENANTLINK -Port 443
Example: Test-NetConnection -ComputerName -Port 443

Qlik Download Site


Installing Qlik Data Transfer (video)

Uploading on-premises data with Qlik Data Transfer (video)

Qlik Data Transfer – Quick Demo (video)


Q:  How to connect a network-folder on the server, where QDT is installed?

A:  If you have a shared drive like \\SERVERSHAREDDRIVE you can use it within the Qlik Data Transfer application. Mapped drive aren’t supported. QDT is installed in C:\ProgramData\Qlik\DataTransfer and this is not a customizable path.

Q:  We sometimes have these errors in the Tasks overview of the QV QMC:

  • Error: Exception in save source file: Could not find file '\\xyz.qvw.tmp'.
  • Error: File is not ok. Target file was not saved.
  • Error: The task "xyz.qvw " failed.
    Could you help with this?

A:  Doesn’t seem to be a Qlik Data Transfer issue, for your specific issue you might want to contact Qlik support team. Before do it, check if you have any dollar sign in your network shared folder, as the best practice we suggest our customer to use UNC path "\\<servername>\<share>" rather than drive letter and $ sign, because sometimes hidden path is problematic for file access.

Q:  How do we get the latest version of data transfer?

A:  You can get it in the download page:   
Or go to -> Support -> Downloads

Q:  I get an errors when I try to send a Qlik Sense's App.

A:  You need to check the logs of Qlik Data Transfer and see if there is an obvious reason of the failure. If you find an error you can search this error in Qlik Community.

Q:  Can you confirm that only an user with profesional licence can use it? And this user requires necesarely acces to space where the QVD are loaded?

A:  Yes, this is the requirements, it is also specified in below help page:

Q:  When you select "Personal" space on data transfer, which users personal space does it transfer to?

A:  It will be transferred in the “Personal” space of the user who has created the Qlik Data Transfer API key.


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