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Round of Applause - May 2021, Gysbert Wassenaar

gysbert.pngHappy May everyone! Believe it or not, this month is our 12th edition of Round of Applause! Even though it’s a cool name, we wanted an even cooler name for our featured members so from here on in we are going with High Five! This Community member has over 20K posts, received more than 8k likes, answered over 4K questions, and is a well-known leader in the Qlik Community. Today’s High Five goes to no other than Community MVP, Gysbert Wassenaar.

Gysbert joined the Qlik Community in September 2012. He had been visiting for a while, looking for answers to Qlik challenges he encountered in his job. He was already impressed by the quality of the answers he saw and by Community members who gave great solutions and advice. Gysbert was also impressed that Qlik employees participated actively. The day he decided to join the Community was when he saw a question from a community member and thought: "Hey, I think I know the answer to that." It was then he started participating, and he became hooked! Gysbert said he’s never learned so much so quickly about a product. Every question posted was another opportunity to expand his knowledge and Qlik skills.  Three months later, he was a Top 5 contributor. He recalls passing Stefan Wühl as top contributor about a year after he joined. The feedback from other community members, and especially from Qlik Community legends like Deepak Vadithala,  Stefan WühlJohn WitherspoonMiguel Angel BaeyensHenric Cronström,  Rob WunderlichMarcus Sommer and so many more, was awesome and a big motivating factor to keep coming back to the Qlik Community.

In his personal life, Gysbert is very fortunate to be living in a small beautiful medieval city in the Netherlands. He likes reading, taking walks in the countryside, learning about new technologies, and learning new tricks he can apply in his job.

Let’s give a big “High Five” to Gysbert with a like and a comment to show how much we appreciate his collaboration in the Qlik Community. @Gysbert_Wassenaar @Melissa_Potvin @marcus_sommer @rwunderlich @hic@Miguel_Angel_Baeyens @swuehl @johnw @IAMDV 



Sue Macaluso
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13 Replies

Thank you for all your effort and contributions Gysbert! Well deserved the applause!


Congratulations  Gysbert! Thank you for your valuable contributions!


Congratulations  Gysbert!

Thanks & Regards, Mayil Vahanan R
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Congratulations Gysbert!

I expected an updated photo. If I remember correctly - someone amongst us teased saying 'looking like a hacker' for this pic of yours. You still look the same today? 😋

Jokes apart, thank you for your immensely valuable contribution to the community. 


Many thanks for your contributions. Your work here was a great inspiration for me to get involved in the community, too.


JAAAA, wat geweldig! Van harte gefeliciteerd met deze titel en dankjewel voor al je bijdrages over de jaren!  @Gysbert_Wassenaar


Congratulations  @Gysbert_Wassenaar

Taoufiq ZARRA

"Please LIKE posts and "Accept as Solution" if the provided solution is helpful "

(you can mark up to 3 "solutions") 😉

High five 🖐 and applause 👏👏🏾👏🏼

You are a great contributo  @Gysbert_Wassenaar . You have been a big help and support for me and many others here at the Community. 


Thanks everybody!

If the Qlik Community wasn't so awesome I'd never got where I am today. So thank you all for making this community what it is.

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