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    in-memory load

      Hello, i have a questions about the principles of loading of data in qlikview.


      We all know that when qlikview loads data (it loads in-memory which is superfast) - But where does it store the data?


      I once read that when it loads data it loads in-memory, but it stores the data on the harddrive. Is this correct?


      When a user selects data in a report on the accesspoint ( does this user then load/access data from the memory or from the server harddrive?)



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          Israr Khan


          1) it store all data in RAM.

          2) No


          Qlikview loads the entire data model into RAM. As a very rough guide, the size on disk is usually about 8 times smaller than in RAM.

          If you are using the QV Server, then this will occur on the server's RAM. If a second user opens the same app, then it will only add a small(ish) more to the RAM, the third, even less, etc.



          or read the attached document..

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              Thankss! Do you have any guidelines on how many ram you need for xxxx number of data?


              Example i have a qlikview document with about 90 mio rows total ( its about 1.2gb of qlikview document size) ITS really slow to work in. I have 32gb RAM

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                  Israr Khan


                  you could never get a accurate calculation.

                  many thing are involves. one of them are user, that how many user are accessing the documents at the same time..

                  for example if userA opens a document and let say it consumes 100 MB, and if UserB access document at the same time, it will not Consume 100 MB, it Might consume, 60 MB, And third 40 and so on...


                  Read the document or make a search on community, you will get lot of information reduce the RAM usage, and approx Calculation...