QlikView Scheduled & Automated Reports – Sending Excel via Email

    Hello everyone!


    Higher management often requires specific data delivered to their mailbox every morning. They are not interested in interaction, using filters and “playing” with data. They just want their predefined Excel ready when they will turn on the PC. Of course great solutions like Qlik NPrinting are available, but there is a way to do it even with QlikView Personal Edition.


    This document describes a methods for:

    - Automated QlikView document reload

    - Automated data extraction from QlikView to Excel file.

    - Automated distribution of this Excel file to a specific recipient, using free Gmail account

    - Scheduling and fully automating whole process with Windows Task Scheduler


    You can find all files in the attachment.


    TLDR: Learn how to fully automatically reload, extract and send data by email using Gmail account!


    All inputs are welcome. I hope someone finds it useful!


    PS. This document is based on one of mine QlikView blog posts.