QvM - Documentation

    When there is a handover of a Qlikview project from one developer to the next it is highly recommended to add some documentation about the project. The Documentation Module exists out of a check list with the questions a developer could ask after taking over a project and an excel template which provides a structure on how to document a Qlikview app. Some example questions that should be documented are:


    • What is the business case - goal of the app?
    • What is the description of each table in the datamodel of the app?
    • What is the description of a field?
    • What is the unique record identifier of a table?
    • Which extensions are used?


    The QVMeta excel template is also a source file for the setup of some of the other QvM modules like the Business User Help module and the AdHoc table module.



    • Helps you to demonstrate that you actually understand what you have build by being able to write a concise and clear documentation
    • A minimal extra workload provides a maximum of value
    • Document everything in one place
    • A checklist
    • A structured document



    • The documentation has the scope of one single QlikView app


    The Documentation Module is part of the QvM - Qlikview Modules project template.

    Thanks for your feedback and comments.

    Have fun Qlik'n, Koen