Gantt Chart Extension Object (version 2.0)

    Update as At 7/5/2014


    For those who do not wish to use an extension object, there is a great example of creating a detailed Gantt using a pivot table at the following link.



    Attached is a Gantt Chart Extension Object developed specifically for QlikView. In version 2.0 I have tweaked the design a little to make it easier to configure - dates are now configured as expressions, so you can apply the necessary formatting in the object rather than your load script. It also better handles longer time frames via the compress option, as it compresses months into a single cell in the table. (Set the defaults to always be month and compressed if you have very long time frames, otherwise it creates a cell for each day and the HTML table may get excessively large).


    Note that this object will work with QlikView version 11. The chart is configurable via many default settings and as it is written in javascript it is fully customisable. Below is a screen shot of the extension object.


    Screen Shot.jpg


    You can now compress the time periods displayed by making selections as highlighted below and clicking on the Redraw Chart button.




    I have been getting some display issues with IE9, but testing with IE8 turned up no problems. It also seems to be trouble free with Chrome or Firefox. The IE errors are due to a bug with how IE9 handles the "width:100%" HTML attribute. It does not seem to display in the iPad, possibly due to the complex javascript involved in rendering the object.




    • Expand and contract nodes in the task tree hierarchy by clicking on the + or – sign.
    • Switch between Weekly time series and Monthly time series (default option is configurable)
    • Optionally summarize the time periods to display more data in the available screen space
    • Assign external URL links that will open when clicking on the <link> text in the task description field.
    • Task details display in pop-up 'bubble' when hovering over gantt bar.
    • Parent level bars can be set to display always or only when the relevant 'branch' is collapsed
    • Optionally assign a specific color to individual task bars.


    Note that the chart is currently limited to displaying a single project at a time. Sample data and a sample QlikView application are provided in the attached zip file. The extension object is also packed in the zip as a QAR file. There is also a comprehensive set of instructions and notes in the file READ ME FIRST. Please read these instructions before posting any questions.


    I will be adding more functionality and refining it over time. I welcome your feedback and suggestions as to what you would like to see in such an extension object. Please post your comments here and I will follow them up as soon as practical.