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Analyze your QVPR and Server Task Structure

Analyze your QVPR and Server Task Structure

QVPR Analysis is a tool that will load a Qlikview Repository (QVPR) and allow you to analyze the contents.

With this app you can do Qlikview Analysis of the Reload and Distribution tasks defined on your server.

The latest version is available for download from:


Contributor III

Hi Rob

I Downloaded and checked it - it help me figure out some things I didn't know which shows that the app gives added value to administrators.

I think that the Exception analysis is really good.

I would add an analysis by destination folder (like the one you created for Source Folders) - it will help administrators make sure that all documents are distributed to where they want them to be.

Great stuff


Not applicable

Great find!  Working with a client on corrupted QVPR, hoping this tool

Hi Debbie,

Looks like your comment got truncated. I've used it to fix a corrupted QVPR. It's a great tool for that.


Not applicable

Thank you Rob.  I havent had much time to spend with them on this tool.  They did run it but could not figure out how to use it to determine corruption in the files.  Is there a simple set of instructions I can send them.  When I get some free time, I will play with it but in the mean time I am hoping they will be able to use it to check their backup QVPR to make sure they know where the problem is in case it happens in their new system.

Not applicable

Hi Rob

I downloaded the tool and it is giving some great insight. Thanks for the tool.

Few follow up question.

  1. If the task is disabled on QMC, what field do you use to see if it is true or false can we track that. Just like you can see if trigger is true or not, I wonder if you can see if entire task is enabled or disabled.
  2. Is there a way we can get the chart that shows what task is schedule to run one after another for entire day based on their timings.

There is an Enable field in there. I have a separate field for each task type, which was probably unintentional. The fields are





I'll try to include a scheduled chart in the next update.

Not applicable

Thanks Rob

Task graph like governance dashboard which shows task started by hour would be nice. However in our case task schedule by every 15 minutes interval.

Valued Contributor II

Thanks Rob.

It will be usefull to have the possibilty to have a look at the task's duration in a selected date,

In fact, I wish see the QDS tree structure with the running time of each task.

Is it too difficult to add this functionality ?



I can't currently report on task duration because the tool only looks at the schedule. not past results.

Valued Contributor II


Do you have a tool that does it ?

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