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Troubleshooting QlikView Server in a virtual environment 11/13

Typical problems occurring when running QlikView Server in a virtual environment. How to troubleshoot them, how to prevent them from happening and what considerations to take into account.

21. November 2013

For best viewing, we recommend you set the highest video resolution.

Q&A - Troubleshooting QlikView Server in a virtual environment

Q: By CPU cycles do you mean CPU cores?

A: No, CPU Cycles and CPU Cores are not the same thing. A CPU Cycle is an operation executed on a CPU Core.

Q: Do you have any recommendations about the allocation of RAM in a server depends on the documents or users to use???

A: The sizing of RAM on a server is dependent on both document size/complexity and the number of users. QlikView Scalability has some general rules-of. Thumb on our Community, but a proper recommendation requires our Services organization to get involved.

Q: What about Hyper-V Server and Dynamic Memory Feature?

A: All Hypervisors have their own version of how to dedicate or prioritize resources to a guest on the host. The general concept we want implemented is the same: We want dedicated resources to avoid ending up having to negotiate for resources when needed.

Q: How QV Server react a this change of ram?

A: Adding more resources to any Windows server should take place in a controlled Fashion, by first shutting down the guest and then adding more resources. When the QlikView Services then start back up, they will determine the amount of available resources and apply settings (Working Limits) accordingly.

Q: How much performance degrade is a VM host causing (approx.) compared to a physical machine?

A: This question moves us into the land of the theoretical. If a virtual server is created that has full and unrestricted access to the physical hardware (IN effect being the only Guest on that Host) and that servers performance is compared to a Windows machine installed directly on the host hardware, there should in theory be very little difference. If we are comparing a small server set up on a overcommitted host to a physical server with similar specs the difference will be much bigger.

Q: That is your recommendation if two virtual service architectures alternatives are available - HyperV and WMware ?

A: QlikView has no preference when it comes to Hypervisors. Properly set up and configured they all work.

Q: If I have 2.5 billion records in Oracle, How can I make good performance

A: This question needs testing, to be able to determine where the potential bottlenecks might be since there are many more factors involved than just the choice of hardware. Oracle database vesrins ans database server load, Driver version and network speed for example will determine how fast the data can be pulled from the database.

Q: When you clone the QlikView server for testing, will that reduce the memory of the host?

A: Yes, cloning a server in a virtual environment will in effect consume twice the memory from the host. While being a good troubleshooting step, it needs to be prepared properly, maybe including setting the clone up on a separate host.

Q: Any specific issues with a specific supervisor (e.g. VMWare) or is there a recommended supervisor?

A: QlikView has no preference when it comes to Hypervisors. Properly set up and configured they all work.

Q: Which virtualization technology is better for QlikView Server setup?

A: QlikView has no preference when it comes to Hypervisors. Properly set up and configured they all work.

Q: Do you advised to setup virtual memory on your hard drive when you have no more memory space available?

A: No, virtual memory management in a virtualized server is not a good idea.

Q: Cloned VM and license consideration. What do I have to consider?

Q: Do they have to be on different domains?

A: To both questions above: A cloned version using the same License cannot be part of the same network as the first one, so it is only recommended for isolated testing.

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Like this! would be good to see the video image quality improve in the future!

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Contributor III
Contributor III

HI Dirk, In your presentation, you mention a document with the correct server settings for a virtual machine. I am not able to find that in Support or the Knowledge base. Can you past a link? Thanks

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Hello Jim,

Please check Article 000002488. You can find it in the Partner Portal.

Best regards


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Dirk, Thanks for the reply. I just searched the portal, resources, the community, and nothing was found. There was a post that the Customer Portal was having issues, maybe there are broader issues as well. I'll check again in a day or so. Regards

Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks - I found it.

Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Hi Jim,


A little late to this thread but I can't find article 000002488 on the partner portal. Could you possibly help me by providing a link?



Digital Support
Digital Support

There is no article with that id number. It must have been a typo. Here are two good resources for server virtualizaiton recommedations:

Virtualization Best Practices In QlikView And Qlik Sense


QlikView Server Virtualization


I hope that helps!