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    Filtering in nPrinting for a Qlikview report

      Hi I am new to nPrinting and Qlikview. I have checked youtube videos and read the KB articles on filters but I haven't been able to get my filters to work.



      Here's what I am trying to achieve:



      In nPrinting, I have a scheduled report which uses a Qlikview document called Service Desk SLA report. There are 2 fields in the Qlikview document called



      Date Last Updated




      I need to apply filters so the report only gets sent out when 'Date Last Updated' is older than 2 days from today (ie if Today is 14/04/2014, then anything older than 12/04/2014) AND 'status' is NOT 'Closed'



      I've created 2 filters:



      1. In the value field I've entered:






      2. In the value field I've entered:




      But these don't seem to work. I get the report with all the calls and no filters seem to be applied.



      I have a feeling the syntax of my filter values is wrong. Can you please tell me how to do this correctly?