QlikView Expressor Download

    To download QlikView Expressor Desktop edition, please follow these instructions:


    If you are logged into the QlikView forums or other site content:


    NOTE: - Please make sure to clear your browser's cookies before trying each of these methods. The web team is aware of some of these issues and is working on correcting the problem to make the download experience better.


    • Go to: http://us.demo.qlik.com/download/
    • Then select the View All / Search group (tab)
    • Select Expressor from the listbox on the left
    • You should see the list of software that your credentials will allow you to see
    • Download the QlikViewExpressorDesktopInstaller.exe




    If you are not logged in or do not see the QVE software:



    If you are not a QlikView customer or partner and do not have credentials to log into the forums, you may still download QlikView Expressor.

    • Go to http://www.qlik.com.
    • Select Explore QlikView - Our Product - Qlikview Expressor.
    • Complete and submit the form.
      • You will be sent an email with a link to the download page.
    • Alternatively, you may be immediately redirected to the download page.


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