Loop Charts and Field Values - Excel Export Macro

    This is a modified expansion of my other utility found here: http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-4416


    This vbscript macro that will export all (pivot and straight table) objects on a given sheet to an Excel workbook. Each worksheet will be named according to the chart id. It also contains the ability to control the use of an inner loop which when active will export each chart by each possible field value in the designated field. All of the export's contents will be contained within a single Excel workbook separated by worksheets using the naming convention "ChartId - FieldValue".


    The purpose of this utility is to provide the ability to dynamically export chart objects while optionally looping through specific field values as well. The goal is to allow for easier (mass) extraction of information into Excel.


    The variables of interest are as follows:

    vfname - field to loop

    vMacroChartId - long name chart id

    vMacroChartId2 - short name chart id

    vLoopFieldOption - 1 = loop field values; else escape inner loop