Pre Sales Demo App with Mustache by Valerio Fatatis.qvw

    This application is a good example in the activities of PRE-SALES, a very important moment in the startup of any project activity.

    Often the audience is not ready I prepared a "leap in hyper-space" in terms of "data discovery, self service bi" etc etc, therefore point to enhance QlikView under the aspect of "simplicity, directness," turning a few dozens of rows of a spreadsheet in a "Dashboard" with a mustache!

    Good vision.


    P.S. Click to "Line" dimension for modify many object (table, graph)

    In the "About page" i introduction the situation: One original sheet to source....!

    Ready to jump in hyper space?


    - Tips:

    - Multi language

    - Range analysis period (Ytd, Lytd, Mtd, Wtd with delta #,%)

    - Period Compare (and Vs Plan, Bdg ...)

    - ..


    Pre Sales Dash.png