QlikView generic drilling GeoMaps (Continent->Country) with KML

    This is a nice application you can use to demonstrate the mapping capabilities of QlikView using a free extension by Brian Munz.


    Theoretically, this can be done also with the QlikView 11.20 built-in "Mapping Example" (since SR5), but the mentioned free extension offers more customizations which you likely will want to use.


    Above extension by Brian can use KML files without the need to load them into memory. It corresponds with the KML files only through the ID of the shapes (countries/continent).


    Once you installed this extension, download below KML files and place them in its folder, which is typically here:


    C:\Users\<your user id>\AppData\Local\QlikTech\QlikView\Extensions\Objects\quickMap

    The attached App has a generic approach which gives you the backbone for reuse in geographic drilling. It has a continent to country drill. The initial view is like this (you can choose the mapping provider below).

    Screenshot 2014-12-03 16.07.26.png

    When you click on a continent, the object will change. Those maps can be used to reflect the selection state (selected country becomes for example green or whatever color you choose on the right), or you may use the colors to represent any KPI.

    Screenshot 2014-12-03 16.08.23.png

    The app is using 2-character-ISO codes for the countries. Feel free to add translations into your language of choice (in this case: English country names).


    My app has an inline-table with a mapping of country-codes to continents. When you like to use more KMLs, my app actually is reading the placemark-tags (XML) to learn the name of the shape ids. There is no overhead of scripting needed.