Need a nicer Drop-down? how about taking advantage of Input Box?

    Some of you might have noticed my enthusiasm for the Input Box.


    Here is one more of it's qualities - maybe a bit laborious to set up but in some cases it might be well worth the effort.


    Have a look at this:

    2015-05-13 #1.PNG

    2015-05-13 #2.PNG


    The one on the right is the finished version of a nicer drop-down list. Some tweaking of the Input Box is the price you have to pay:


    1. Create an Input Box

    2. On the General Tab press New Variable

    3. Name it for instance vMonth

    4. Remove the Label that it automatically creates

    5. On the Presentation Tab: Untick the Show Equal Sign

    6. On the Constraints Tab select: Predefined Values Only

    7. Select under Value List: Predefined Values in Drop-down

    8. Tick the check-box Listed Values

    9. In the expression underneath Listed Values write the following expression:

        =Concat( {1} DISTINCT Month , ';' , Month )

    10. On the Caption Tab untick the check-box Show Caption

    11. Press OK

    12. Size it properly by moving the spacer between the variable and "empty" label to the left

    13. Go to Settings / Document Properties and the Triggers Tab

    14. Under Variable Event Triggers select vMonth and click on the button Edit Action(s)

    15. Click Add in the Actions dialog box that pops up

    16. Select under Action Type: Selection

    17. Select for Action: Select in Field

    18. In the Field expression write: Month (or your Field name)

    19. In the Search String exprssion write: =vMonth

    20. Press OK and then OK.


    I have attached a tiny QlikView app with the example shown above.