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    Persist column headers to multiple pages in Pixel Perfect

    George Barrett

      I am developing a Pixel Perfect report in NPrinting 17.3.1 for Qlik Sense and have a question regarding column headers. My report has a title, time-stamp, and page number in the top section that is printed on every page. Following that I have a Detail Report that consists of different sections. How can I get the a section to persist to every page without moving it to the top section. More specifically, I have column headers for a table I created and I need them to move to a second page if the table runs over to a new page. I cannot move them to the top section, because I have a section before the column headers with dimension information. I am also okay with having the section with dimension information persisting to new pages along with the column headers. Attached is a picture of what the report currently displays and a picture of what it looks like in the designer. Any help would be appreciated.Advance Sales Header.PNG


      Advance Sales Header Dev.PNG