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issue with windows Authentication on NPrinting

Hi All,

I have an existing NPrinting environment where we have enabled windows Authentication and when clicked on the Windows Login icon it gets into the server, while in the new environment have enabled windows Authentication and whe I clicked on the windows login icon it asks for username and password 

As it prompts for username and password this is not working as expected for the OnDemand button used in Qlik Sense.


Would be of great help if anyone can share their experience 

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Please remember that you must add ALL trusted origins that all of your users use to access the Qlik Sense hub.

This is mentioned in the video shared by Lech.

This is commonly missed but must be addressed.


A trusted origins is where you access your Qlik Sense hub server address from. This address may be different depending on what you have provided to your end users. 

Add each Qlik Sense server address to the 'trusted origins' on the NP server.


If you have added 3rd party certificates to secure the NP server then you must ensure that each client computer has its own computer certificate and root certificate (This is a separate customization from the default installation of NPrinting which may required Qlik Professional Services to help you complete if your deployment is not working for you.)  


But I will restate as mentioned near the end of the video and in the resources area of the techspert thursday link below, to ensure that you remove the password from the .key file describe in the article below

How to configure a .pfx certificate for use with N... - Qlik Community - 1711079


(This also shared as part of this Techspert Thursday session )


If the NP server is not secured by a 3rd party cert, then also as the video describes, you must log into NPrinting web console first then into the Qlik Sense hub from the same browser in a separate tab.


I encourage you to watch the video and check the resources in the techspert thursday link from end to end as it does cover most scenarios and likely yours as well. But if it doesn't help you, then I would encourage you to contact your Qlik Account manager and request a Professional Services engagement to help you complete your deployment of NP with Qlik Sense On Demand across your enterprise.


Kind regards...

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Hi @punitpopli ,

Please open a new conversation for every new question with a meaningful title. This will help other people with the same issue to find the solution. Thanks in advance. 

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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