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Loading data from multiple xls-files from folder with subfolder

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Loading data from multiple xls-files from folder with subfolder

This is code snippet is able to load a bunch of xls-files with the same data format but with different file-names, even perhaps with different sheet-names and located in a folder with subfolder(s).

It´s based on this thread from the archive. Thanks to the anonymous user. [Smiley Wink]

SUB DoDir (Root)

FOR each File in filelist(Root& '\*.xls')





FROM [$(File)] (biff, embedded labels); //by leaving the part of naming the table it uses all tables of the file


FOR each Dir in dirlist (Root&'\*')

CALL DoDir(Dir)



CALL DoDir('c:\test')

By modifying the code you will be able to load mutiple files in other file formats like csv and so on.

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Hi Thanks for your response... we are able load the data from xls files thru recursive logic. The problem is the count columns (Fields) will vary from xls sheet to xls sheet. Im looking for solution on this...
For tips on loading xls sheets with varying structures, see: http://qlikviewnotes.blogspot.com/2008/09/loading-multiple-excel-sheets.html
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Hi, Thanks for posting such important post .
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Hi, I need help how to load multiple Microsoft Access file (.mdb).



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Hi, Thanks for posting.

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thanks in advance for your share.

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thanks for the great information.

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Hi, I am loading the data by your approach BUT in my case I want to add a date field (initially which is not in the table data) all I have a date and time stamp in the file name it self (ex: file_17.04.01_00.15).

Please help me to extract the date and time stamp from the file name and store it into a 'Date' field.

Thank you,


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Its not loading multiple sheets from the same file!

Any suggestion?

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