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Personal Edition FAQs

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Personal Edition FAQs

QlikView Personal Edition FAQs

What is QlikView Personal Edition?

Simply put, QlikView Personal Edition is the full QlikView Desktop product that is run on a machine without a customer or partner license assigned to it. With the QlikView Personal Edition license, everyone is free to create QlikView documents for personal use. If at any point you or your organization decides to acquire a full QlikView license, this Personal Edition installation will automatically become a full QlikView client without requiring any additional software.

If you have never licensed QlikView before and want to use the tool to perform analysis on any sort of business or personal data set, or have an existing QlikView installation and want to try out our latest release, QlikView Personal Edition is for you; download and start connecting to all of your data sources and building your analysis applications.

How can I get started making my first QlikView?

If you have data available in an Excel file, starting up QlikView will take you through a simple process to get your data loaded and your first QlikView built within 5 minutes.  There are several video tutorials available to help you get up an running quickly.

What are the limitations of Personal Edition?

There are only two limitations while using QlikView with the Personal Edition license:

  • QlikView Personal Edition works with local files only; you cannot share your QlikView file with another unregistered user, or load a QlikView file from another user.
  • You cannot import an entire document layout (sheets/objects/security settings, etc. without the data) into QlikView Personal Edition.

Can I use Personal Edition on a Mac?

Yes, but you need Mac software that will allow you to install and emulate a Windows environment, before you install QlikView within that environment. As an alternative, Mac users can access QlikView apps deployed on a server through Safari and other supported browsers. You can access one of our demo apps to experience the power of QlikView.

What is "Document Recovery" and when should I use it?

Please read carefully: Technically, every document is now saved with a user key -- information that ties that file to the file's creator. In Personal Edition, users can only open files that they have created.

We recognize that it may be necessary to install QlikView on a different computer (i.e. computer upgrade, replacement, etc.). In order to open documents created using the previous installation of QlikView, you will need to "recover" the files. Recovering files simply means that you are assigning an updated user key (old machine -> new machine) to these documents. When you recover a file, you are telling QlikView that you are moving this file to your new installation, and you will no longer be using it on your previous installation.

IMPORTANT: QlikView Personal Edition is limited to four recoveries per installation. When you recover a QlikView file created with a previous installation, it will apply your new user key to ALL documents created using the previous installation, not just that particular file.

DO NOT attempt to open QlikView files that you did not create (from the forums, created by a colleague, etc.) Doing so will use one of your remaining recovery attempts, and once you have exhausted all 4 of the attempts, you will no longer be able to access documents that you have created and, from that point on, you will only be able to create new documents using your current QlikView installation.

Error: "Access Denied. The file was created by a licensed QlikView user..."

As mentioned above, QlikView Personal Edition can only open files created locally by that same installation.

Do Personal Edition users qualify for upgrades?

Yes. We post new releases on the web using our QlikView download page. You can re-download QlikView at any point and install an updated version on your existing machine and continue working with documents that you have already created. NOTE: If you have exhausted your recovery attempts, downloading a new version or re-downloading the same version will not reset the counter.

Do Personal Edition users qualify for telephone/online support? What kind of help is available?

Personal Edition users do not qualify for telephone or email support from QlikTech. As a Personal Edition user, you can gain excellent QlikView support through our active user community, QlikCommunity. We've created the dedicated New to QlikView area of QlikCommunity for Personal Edition users to get to information on how to start using QlikView as well as allow you to interact with other members of the community.

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Can we use QlikView Personal Edition for Iphone?

Thanks & Regards


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QlikView for iPhone requires QlikView Server, which is not available for Personal Edition users.

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Sorry! I,ve just downloaded the personal edition but can't install it on Vista Home Premium, probably because some DLL could not be copied. As a matter of fact I installed it successfully on another computer with XP but prefer to use the other computer. Is this problem known and does a solution exist for it?Thank you in advance!

Valued Contributor

marianav, we dont have a test/certification for Vista and no plans at this point.

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Thank you for the prompt reply!

Sorry for the bad news...

New Contributor II


how can I modify files, so that ather user can open the file with QV-personal? The content of your link is deleted;-)


New Contributor

Hi, i have the licensed desktop version installed and i cannot open any of the qvw files posted on the site.

i always get a message box with the remark "this qlikview document was created by another user. As you are using the personal edition you can only open documents you have created yourself.

Is there a go around solution ?

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I have an issue with Qlikview PE. Everytime I try to open a file located on my internal server, I get error message "Recovering old file, will not load without data."

Sometimes I also get message "This file contains inconsistencies and cannot be opened by Personal Edition."

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Can you pls help me in connecting Qlikview to hive.

We are able to connect to hive but unable to view the tables after the connection test succeeds.

We are using Qlikview 10 Personal Edition and Apache Hive.

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I have a problem where the 4 attempts have been exhausted and I can't even create a new document from scratch despite what is mentioned above... "you will only be able to create new documents using your current QlikView installation."

Any idea why this will be happening and how to start again even if I have to create all my documents from scratch again?

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