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QlikView 10/11 version 4.1


QlikView 10/11 version 4.1

Old - Version 4.1, Updated on 10/31/2012. There is a new version available for QV11 only, located at http://community.qlik.com/qlikviews/1396

This app was created by Michael Terenzi of QlikView Support, and boasts a number of new features:


10-31-2012 3-48-52 PM.png

NewFeatures in v4.1:

  • Added additional scripting for Scalability Center aggregations
  • Included new application 'ServerDocumentAggregator.qvw' for submission to Scalability Center
  • Included version 4.1 integration into the Deployment Framework developed by Magnus Berg
  • Added new table/script tab titled 'QVSRestarts' that will show when QVS restarts in Log Analyzer tab
  • Minor script adjustment in QVS Events for File field
  • Adjusted Publisher scripting to accomodate missing execution history files
  • Adjusted the Client Build field and Server Build field to better reflect current build
  • Reworked the script for Mgmt, DSC, and WebSrvc tabs. Added a switch for system time clocks set to 'yyyy-MM-dd' (e.g. Swed server = 2012-09-10 00:00:00.1497641)


  • Performance logs now part of the Log Analyzer tab
  • IIS HTTPERROR logging included
  • Setup tab is much easier (removed 20 input fields)
  • Follow a Walkthrough on the Setup tab
  • Button for default WinServer 2008 settings in Setup tab
  • Architecture will self-populate 100%
  • Bug fixes****most importantly a fix for the over-counting of user sessions due to Audit Logging duplicity *****
  • Added some new concurrent session objects
  • Visibility into field selection values via Audit Logs
  • Included tracing in the script
  • Quick links to the Customer Portal, Partner Portal, and the QlikCommunity
  • Reload out of the box for standalone environments with click of a button
  • Directory Service, QV Web Service, Management Service, SAP, and Publisher logs (non-QVPR) are incorporated into this data model so users get a full overview of what is going on with the system
  • Users can deirect the application towards their custom log paths via input box on the Setup tab
  • It is "smart," so if there is missing/non-existent source data, it should still reload without errors.
  • The Audit Log statistics are linked to Sessions via IntervalMatch so users are better able to see who is doing what, and when.
  • The document provides the ability to see if any users are using an out-of-date IE Plugin (quite a common occurrence we see in Support)
  • Publisher statistics are based on Distribution Service logs, not the QVPR. This allows users who are using a SQL repository to have access to this information without having to manipulate any script
  • View common Browser and Client to give the Admins a broader view of the users' most popular client types
  • A listing of the most common default log locations
  • Checks for SAP Connector errors - Users can open the SAPConnectorLog.qvw from Desktop or Plugin clients
  • Ability to email Support from within the application

Instructionsfor use:

  • Verify your logs are in the default locations and adjust as needed in the Setup tab
  • Clear Defaults (button) in Setup tab and enter Required Components
  • See attached instructions for Windows Event Viewer instructions and additional information regarding this version
  • Save and reload!

*** This application is not supported by QlikTech, so use it at your own discretion.


*** Please be cautions when visiting the new "Log Analzyer" tab. If you are in too large of a time period/scope, you will encounter high resource usage. It is best to be drilled into a day or have a filter setup to do it for you when you enter the sheet.


Please comment and let us know what you think below!

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Hi all,

If you are looking for the newest version (5.0.xx), please try this link. There was some restructuring and we are working on redirecting to the new threads.

Best Regards,



It works even with 12.10 SR4 (even if it is not supported!)!!!

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