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QlikView and Qlik Sense on Synthesio Social Listening Platform


QlikView and Qlik Sense on Synthesio Social Listening Platform

Hey there,

I am starting this article to yell out to the community, that I have completed a generic script (suitable for QlikView and Qlik Sense using the Qlik REST Connector) to use the API of Synthesio for loading data.

I am not sure how many folks will search for this combination, so before I document hours of "how to do" here, please ping me a note (reply below or email me at christof.schwarz@gmx.at) that you're interested. I will then share it here. If noone ever asks for this combination, I saved a lot of time ;-)

The idea is the following:

  • Synthesio offers several REST APIs
  • You have to get an accesstoken which is valid for some hours. My script is doing so.
  • You can query Synthesio's Mention API, the one you likely look for are
  • The result is a json object, which unfortunately does not translate automatically into a workable datamodel when using the REST Connector wizard.
  • I had to load the result basically into one cell (one row) and then parse the content accordingly.

Excerpt from the "magic script":

screenshot.2017-05-05 (3).jpg

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