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Sharing and Embedding Multiple QlikView Objects (v11 SR2+)

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Sharing and Embedding Multiple QlikView Objects (v11 SR2+)

In this zip file you'll find a web page which aids in display QliKView objects and a tool which makes the layout and iframe code generation easier.

Please see the Quick Guide for setup information, but the overall process should be relatively simple.  In short a page is placed on a QliKView server in the same folder as AccessPoint.  Using the document extension, a tool will be installed which allows the user to assemble several QlikView objects into a stage area.  Once these objects are laid out, there is an export button which generates the iframe code that can be copied and pasted into any website, as long as that site is able to reach the QlikView server.

The objects in the iFrame should be able to interact with each other, and there should be no cross domain browser issues unless the webpage is running securely.


None of this code is supported by myself or QlikView.  I don't feel as if the document extension especially is bullet proof and there are things to clean up and work on, but I've been hearing a lot of demand for something like this, so I figured I'd put it out there.  You must be running QlikView 11 SR2 for the document extension to work.

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Hello there,

I have followed the instructions in the document and installed frame.htm and installed and added the share application from the Extensions in document settings but I do not see it working.  I am using 11R2

Is there anyone who was able to install this and get it working.


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I follow the steps:

1/Copy frame.htm to QVS server the same directory as your Access Point’s index.htm file  -- \Qlikview\web;

2/share QVW files and Export some Code,then copy this whole line of code and paste it into the html for your website;

3/When access the web page,Warning:HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found;

Please HELP!

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in order to get this extension to work in your own environment you'll have to slightly change the frame.htm file.

Remove all "http://demo.internal.qlik.com/" from the html source and it will work. I replaced that URL portion with a relative url "/" to make the document load the css and stuff from the QlikView-Server it is running on.

And also be sure to correct the iframe-code which is generated by the Export button, because the URL is not fitting a standard QV server:

<iframe height='635' width='1084' src='\LB04:154:8:144:266,Document\LB03:29:10:144:123,Document\CH01:29:167:724:298' frameborder='0'></iframe>

It is missing the "/qlikview" part in the URL.

This will do the trick.

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Hi ,

We are trying to use iframe in sharepoint 2013 but facing issue with same. Have followed step as provided in quick guide and have modified the frame.htm as per above post but getting error 'No Connection' wherever the frame.htm is invoked.

Has any one faced this issue ?

Please provide help on how to get this issue sorted.

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Hi Prasad,

it might help to explictly name the host= parameter at the right position.

As example please visit first:


And then try this URL:


The second call will lead to the exact same error message "No connection". That's because of the unknown hostname xDemo11.

In frame.htm I expect this to be put into the last line of code (var qva; QvBinders[0] = "qva = new Qva.PageBinding('" + tD + "'); qva.View = '" + tD + "'; qva.Platform = 'WORKBENCH'; qva.CustomIcons = {};";)

so that it looks like:

var qva; QvBinders[0] = "qva = new Qva.PageBinding('" + tD + "'); qva.View = '" + tD + "'; qva.Platform = 'WORKBENCH'; qva.Host='<QVWS@YOURHOSTNAME>'; qva.CustomIcons = {};";

Be sure to have the correct hostname put in, instead of <QVWS@YOURHOSTNAME>.

I hope this does the trick for you.



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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the reply. I added the qva.Host='Hostname' but result is the same.Still getting the error 'No Connection' pop up box.

Is there any other solution which I can try out.



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Hi Thomas,

Now the error is resolved but the iframe is not show the embedded object. Below is the generated iframe link:

<iframe height='322'width='583'src='http://<QlikViewServerName>/qlikview/frame.htm?d=11036F50-47B4-45E9-A553-DF2AE4CF5E16&ob=Document\CH03:46:37:141:146,Document\CH08:35:323:236:231'frameborder='0'></iframe>


<iframe height='300' width='700' src='<QlikViewServerName>/qlikview/frame.htm?document=test.qvw&ob=Document\CH02:50:71:272:198' frameborder='0'></iframe>

Can you please help me in understading what can be the possible issue?



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Are you using the embed tool on your desktop?  a QlikView document is recognized differently in desktop mode than on server. In the URL of the iframe code there is "d=" and a bunch of characters. This should be the name of the qlikview document you're embedding the objects from.  If you use the extension from qvs it should do all of this for you.

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Hello ,

Does it Required Work Bench License ?

and Qv running on DMS


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Hello Vikas,

it indeed requires a Workbench license for your QVS EE.


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