QvM - Qlikview Modules


    Qlikview Modules is a Qlikview project template that exists out of a set of modules to build a qlikview app.

    You may see a module as a combination of a setup script, frontend objects, excel template which you'll use to speed up qlikview development work.



    After going to the process of creating an app multiple times I got to understand that there are recurring development work blocks. For each of these blocks I've defined a QvM module that reduces the work required to implement a functionality in a Qlikview app.



    You need to have a basic understanding about Qlikview app development before you can start working with the QvM project template.


    The modules are:


    Color Management






    Business User Help




    Advanced Data Discovery


    Key Check


    Dynamic Data Model


    AdHoc table





    You may download the zipped QvM project template here.


    Thanks for your feedback and comments.


    Have fun Qlik'n, Koen