QVX & QVD Converter Java library



    this is a new demo release of TIQ Solutions' QVXConverter Java library containing QVXReader and QVXWriter class for the reading and writing QVX files within Java applications or environments (esp. ETL programs).


    Some generic example implementations for creating QVX data files from CSV data and also for reading a QVX file are added.


    QVX files could also easily created with QVXWriter lib from sources like JDBC, JSON or webservices.


    QVX header and data are written in UTF-8 charset.


    - Ralf


    Update: Now I've finished the implementation of my Java-based QVDReader / QVDWriter libraries. It's working now! This means we’re able to create QVD files independently in nearly any environment like Unix or Linux with a small memory footprint.


    This is part of our initiative: QlikView Data Integration in a Java World http://bit.ly/R3hCor


    Update 2: QVDWriter library can create smaller and optimized QVD files through selected use of data types:
    take a look at my TIQView Blog Post - Honey, I shrunk the QVDs

    Update 3: New release of QVXConverter demo. Now it comes with a QVX2CSV program.