Optimizing the search box

    The search object in QlikView has the huge disadvantage that it automatically executes the search throughout the dataset once the first letter is typed. So while you are typing the search word "Hello", by the time you have finished, QlikView will have searched for H,He,Hel,Hell,Hello.

    This is similar to how the google search is working with the slight difference that QlikView is not Google. In a massive QV-file (5GB<) you will be waiting many seconds for QlikView to load, before you can finish typing your search word. Not very userfriendly.

    It is possible to reduce the fields to be searched or de-opt from the "Include excluded" in the options to enhance the performance, however they limit the user and make the application static.


    A dynamic workaround is necessary, which led to the following simple idea:


    Create a field which includes all fieldnames and give the user the option to select beforehand where he wants to perform his search.

    Ideally, you group the fieldnames into sheets where they are used or their residing tables to increase usability.

    In the search box you enter the following formula: =Concat([%Field Names],', ')





    Hopefully this trick can be useful to some. If it is, please vote here http://community.qlik.com/ideas/2072 to have QV update the search box functionality.


    Thanks to jason.michaelides for the idea.