Optimize Configurator in the ALL Projects activity planning V2


    I made a handy excel file where you can enter in a systematic and efficient all project phases that every project should have QlikView.

    It consists of a sheet where you can indicate the number of analyzes to integrate (sales, campaigns, appears ..) as well as functional modules such as "extraction, data quality."

    You can choose from 3 levels of articulation with which to make every single step, "easy, basic and advanced." Each design element has its own specific parameter / weight changed (in the day of part of day) to be able to better customize the result.

    The phases ranging ETL, development, taking into account many side activities that often are not integrated.

    Every vs. contribution is welcome.

    I hope will be useful.

    Good design ...!


    VERSION 2:

    I add the graphic view and the Planning schedule activity jobs, very important!