QlikCentral Flat Design QVW template



    Over the past few weeks I've been recording a number of vlogs detailing how I create a general layout in QlikView. This layout has evolved over a number of years and be combining my own ideas with others I've come across whilst acting as a QlikView consultant.


    Recently this design was shown to QlikTech as part of a project I was working on, I was very pleased with the feedback which was extremely positive, with comments like "Clean", "Great Use of Space" and "intuitive" being used. I also receive very positive customer feedback when they see this design for the first time.


    Flat Design.png


    There are six videos in the series:








    I hope you will find these videos useful, I've attached the final qvw here for you to see and understand the functionality first hand. The data structure comes from the Qlik Northwind Database example, although I've used it so I could populate filters I don't use it for any calculations or was concerned about the structure here (so basically you can replace it with your own data easily)


    Please let me know if you feel more can be vloged about as I'm always on the lookout for new idea's and would also love to hear your comments.