Galaxy UI design and Advanved Scatter & Compare analysis


    This example emphasize the extraordinary capabilities of representation of the "scatter analysis" which in my opinion is really great, especially when you analyze the single or both quadrant (see icon in the upper right) than ... the total! Or preview all kpi in bubble tooltip.

    Through the panel menu in the upper left corner you can navigate through data filtering and segmentado data, choose the KPI of your interest, measure them in time with the calendar.

    At the center you can wander between different views that allow a detailed study of really satisfying, an initial overview, a detailed table, an analysis of time trends etc etc.

    It 'an excerpt, but allows you to achieve a truly effective UI.

    Excellent also the introduction of tables arranged in "PNL" where kpi are distributed in line and in column.

    Below the panel follows the user while browsing the information showing "totally" different measures introduced / selected.

    Good vision




    I have create a new sheet analysis for COMPARE ALL DATA... (for one KPI ;-))

    Scatter Analysis.png