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Current Selection Alternatives

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Current Selection Alternatives

I was looking for a way to use translations of fieldnames in my Current Selection Box so I discovered an extension by Stefan Walther (see "Better Current Selections Box" with support to hide/translate fields) and a good idea by Steve Dark (see QlikView App: Current Selections Dynamic Display).

Since Stefan's extension seems to have some trouble in the current SR (tested with 11.20 SR5 and 7) I tried to put some ideas together and created a Current Selection box without the need of an extension.


  • Use of Translated Fields for more convenient end user experience
  • Even two different fields can be translated to one translation (i.e. "Calendar.Year" and "Facts.Year" to Year)
  • Clear Field Selections with trigger
  • works in WebView

11-09-2014 12-58-47.jpg


MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Matthias, I see what looks like a great solution, only I don't understand the nature of the problem/issue,


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Hi Jarrell,

it is for these kind of situations where 

  • you are using cryptic field names in your data model but want the user to see more user friendly names in the current selection box or
  • you want to use English field names in your data model but the user wants to see translated field names in the current selection box



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Hi Marcus Sommer

your solution is pretty close to mine. If I had found yours easier it would have saved me some hours of investigation!!! Would be great if you share these kind of tricks with the community in a separate document 😉

Especially the trick with TextBetween() in combination with GetCurrentSelection() was new for me and does a lot for that solution.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Nice solution!  I would argue that you should *always* rename your fields as soon as possible to what users would expect to see in the front end - meaning they will show correctly in the current selections.  The ability to be able to translate the values in here is invaluable, as I know a number of people who translate legends but can not affect the Current Selections box.

Thanks for sharing.

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I'm happy to help the community, since the community is always very valuable for my daily work...

Esteemed Contributor


looks great. I'll have to have another look at that when there's time.

I have noticed that you have used chr(9) and chr(13). I have found a list of ASCII values online, but it only starts with 32. Can you tell me where I can get a list that shows those under 32?

Thanks a lot!

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

This site seems to have the complete list:

ASCII Code - The extended ASCII table


MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

9 is tab and 13 carriage return - see here: http://www.klcconsulting.net/images/ascii-full.gif

- Marcus

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Thanks for these solutions,

I have used it in my document and works fine in my local machine and also in the web view. But the clear field trigger is not working in the access point.

Can the trigger from the $Field work in the access point? Am I missing anything?



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