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New job...first day in office as a QlikView Developer/Consultant


New job...first day in office as a QlikView Developer/Consultant

First day in office as a QlikView Developer. Like previous job or for that matter any other job, you need to get started…right? But on what? Whether you like it or not you are going to be constantly judged by the results you accomplish in first month or first assignment. Probably, half of your colleagues doubt whether you are qualified to actually hold the job including your own team members. Most likely every time you make a decision or plan a course of action, you will be questioned. Whether you control things or not, you will still be judged on your first one or two assignments. So, it’s important to have a good start on your first day. Even if it’s your first day, you still need to plan and need to be organised.

9:00am – Try to arrive 10/15 mins before the scheduled time or at least be on time. You will most probably meet your manager who is equally excited to welcome you. You will be shown your desk and a quick tour of the place. Also, you will be introduced to your team and other colleagues. Once this is done, you are making certain that you have basic access (ID Card, Emails, Software & Phone). Greet other Developers and Administrator(s), get some water/coffee if they offer. They might ask about your previous experience, role and skills. Keep things brief & simple and avoid complaining about previous work place. When you come back most likely you will realise that you might not have QlikView installed, neither have access to the Server. Whether you are a Developer or both – Admin & Developer, you need consolidated information about the infrastructure, applications and stakeholders.

So, a sample checklist is as follows:

  1. Various environments
  2. Architecture diagram (which includes details about all the nodes if it’s clustered environment)
  3. List of important applications
  4. Stakeholders list and key business heads
  5. List of upcoming projects
  6. Any projects which recently went live and/or upcoming releases

12:30pm – Gathering all the things mentioned above will keep you busy until lunch time. You may not get all the information on day one but put it on the checklist. Take your lunch break with your manager or colleague if they offer you, this way you will get to know more about the place, people or polictics. when you come back – arrange for the following access requests (assuming you don’t have access):

  1. QlikView Desktop installation
  2. License lease details
  3. Source Control information
  4. Raise a request to be part of QlikView Administrator group (this depends on your role and company IT policy)
  5. QMC URLs
  6. Access Point URLs
  7. Section Access Table/ Authorization Table (this depends on your role and company IT policy)

As you gather all this information, you might notice that few things are missing, don’t worry about them but make notes.

4:00pm – Gather whatever is available and use placeholder for missing information. OK, maybe some information may not be immediately available. Don’t worry about it as you can gather the missing information as you progress in your new role. Meet with your manager to discuss your findings and show your checklist. As you’re going to be measured constantly, having a good start is very important. With this checklist, you’re setting expectations with your manager that you focus on delivery from day one. As you discuss the baseline information you gathered, also ask about the deliverables. This shows that you are proactive and ready to take the challenge(s). It also helps, think about a situation – if your manager’s manager or someone else asks, how are you getting along in a week or two? Then your manager will quickly affirm the good work you have been doing.

What gets measured gets done, what gets measured and fed back gets done well, what gets rewarded gets repeated.

– John E. Jones

Following this approach, you will be able to track your progress easily. Show your progress weekly by providing an update, this certainly helps if your manager is working from different geographical location.

Good luck!


DV | www.QlikShare.com


Handy and informative! Thank you for penning down this.

Valued Contributor

Good Stuff DV,

I likely will be venturing to the consulting world in the near future and this is a good blue print for the initial engagement with the client management team.   Good way to set expectations right out of the gate.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Another good and informative document from you Deepak.

Honored Contributor II


Good information. Thanks for sharing.

Honored Contributor II

Hi Deepak, What is mean by Source Control information?


Like SVN. Google it for more information.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary


Check this link for Version control softwares

List of revision control software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Honored Contributor II

Thank you Jagan

Contributor II

Well, that's a description of a perfect new day in work.

Thanks dvqlikview

Honored Contributor

Hi Deepak,

Great information,thanks for sharing.

I Think we can add Data sources used to the list.



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