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Preparing examples for Upload - Reduction and Data Scrambling

Preparing examples for Upload - Reduction and Data Scrambling

It's frequently useful to upload an example of your application when asking a question on the forum or sharing a technique with other Developers. Two concerns you may have about uploading an example are file size and data privacy.

Reducing File Size

The size of your example can be reduced by using the QV File -> Reduce Data command.

  1. Make some selections to reduce the number of possible values in the qvw.
  2. From the menu bar, select File->Reduce Data ->Keep Possible Values.
  3. Use File->Save As to save the reduced copy under a new name

If you use "Save", QV will still open the "Save As" dialog to help you remember not to overwrite the master copy.

Protecting Data Privacy

You can protect the privacy of sensitive information, such as account numbers, revenue or customer names by using the QV Scrambling feature. In the menu bar, select Settings->Document Properties->Scrambling.

Here you can select the field(s) to scramble and press the "Scramble" button to perform a random scrambling of the field . No one can determine it's original contents. Like values will scramble to the same value which maintains the value linkages.

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The best results will come from scrambling as few fields as necessary to protect sensitive information. You should probably scramble identifiers like customer names or customer IDs and product names. But, if you scramble dates or numeric fields you might find that the sheet objects don't make sense anymore. Try it with scrambling only one or two fields at first. Check the document and if it looks good then save a copy. Then, if it appears that some fields are still showing sensitive information, scramble those and examine the document again. You cannot unscramble the data so don't save the document with scrambled data that makes the sheet objects look bad.
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This is a very useful feature.  However i just found it has a limitation.  The scrambling has to be reactivated after each reload.

Is there a way to keep the field scrambled after a reload?

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you could use HASH128(Customer) as Customer in the script if you want to reload and keep the field Scrambled

HASH160 and HASH256 also work

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Ah. I wasn't aware that we can reduce the data in qlikview to the selected data only (Point 2).. a learning for me.

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Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for share, useful


I never realized that reduction and scrambling is this easy. Thanks!

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Very useful for customer demonstrations using real data.

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nice doc

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Thanks for the useful information

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