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This example qlikview document can help you load excel files that contain a pivot table with multiple horizontal headers (dimensions) like in the image below:


The instructions on how to use this documents can be found in the script. Basically you set a few variables for the source file name, sheet (table) and type of excel file. And in the HDims and VDims tables you specify the field names of the dimensions. After reload you should then have a table called ResultTable with the data from the excel file.

edit: script now included as a separate file in the zip file

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Kun je het script ook in pdf toevoegen?

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Hi Gysbert,,

would I be able to calculate the difference between cat 2 value 1, and Cat 1 Value 4?


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Thanks Gysbert. do you maybe have a sample that I can look at on how to do it. I think it might be the solution to my discussion that I had loaded earlier today ' Claculating net working days'


Could anyone post script from this file ,please?

Yes and no. I can't add another file. So I created a zip file with the .qvw file and separate .qvs file that contains the script code.

Thank you.


Good DocumentThanks Gysbert. add your excel file pivotimporttest.xls please.

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Worth knowing... Thanks (y)

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Great stuff gwassenaar‌ . I managed to wrap your code in mulitple loops to take up multiple files and multiple sheets within. Thanks

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