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Sara Leslie

BARC’S BI Survey 17

Posted by Sara Leslie Oct 18, 2017

BARC-The-BI-Survey-17 (002).png

Qlik® achieves top rankings

BIS17 Large International Vendors-01.png

To all Qlik® Community members: The BARC BI Survey — the world’s largest and most comprehensive study of business intelligence end users — provides user feedback from over 3,000 respondents on 42 BI product selections.


Qlik was top ranked in 12 categories of its peer groups, including Business Value, Customer Satisfaction, Business Benefits, Embedded BI, and much more.


Register for your copy of the Qlik highlights report from the BARC BI Survey 17 to see where users top ranked Qlik in their peer group.

product design survey image.png


Hello Qlik Community Members,


We will be running a series of targeted surveys to gather feedback from different audiences to help us as we continue to innovate. This survey is specifically for existing Qlik Customers. There will be surveys for Partners and other audiences later in the year.


Hanover Research is conducting a study on behalf of Qlik to understand your usage of data visualization products. This survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Your participation will help Qlik design products and services that support your data analytics needs in an optimal way.


To thank you for your time and participation, Qlik will donate $5 to MedAir, a humanitarian organization dedicated to bringing relief and recovery to people in crisis, regardless of race, creed or nationality (http://relief.medair.org/en/) for each complete response submitted by a respondent who meets all qualification criteria.


In order to encourage your honest and thoughtful participation, your responses will be kept confidential.  Thank you for your participation.




Hello folks- we have reached the quota for this survey and it is now closed and I have removed the link from this post.


Thank you to those who took the time to participate!

Hello Qlik Community Members,


I wanted to take a minute to thank all of the folks who stopped by our booth at the Qonnections conference. We received some really good questions and feedback. Also- I got some good face time with some of our MVP's who attended. I have lots of folks to follow-up with and will also let you know our raffle winner for the iPod next week.


I still would like to get a little more traction with feedback and ideas for those who weren't able to attend this week so stay tuned for updates on how you could win an Amazon Echo.



mvps at the booth.jpg


Feel free to comment and share your photos from the event here also.

Best Regards!


rwunderlich stalwar1 troyansky nicolett.yuri gwassenaar

Sara Leslie

Qonnections Update

Posted by Sara Leslie May 16, 2017

Hello Qlik Community Members,


Just wanted to give you a Qonnections update. The Qlik Community booth is getting lots of activity and great questions.


If your here please drop by booth #1406 in the Discovery Expo and say hi!


I'm here to answer all kinds of Qlik Community questions and also ask for feedback and ideas.


  • Qonnections attendees like my Qonnections 2017 blogs posts will be entered in a drawing for an Apple iPad.
  • Qlik Community members who weren't able to attend or those who couldn't drop by the booth who like my Qonnections 2017 blog posts will be entered in a drawing for an Amazon Echo.


One of our very own MVP's Rob Wunderlich looking cool while visiting our booth. rwunderlich



Our very own Viktoria Lindback vli, Donald Farmer and myself.

Donald Farmer.jpg

Hello Qlik Community Members,


I will be attending our annual customer and partner conference- Qonnections in Orlando next week. We have a great agenda and an exciting speaker line up this year including: Jason Silva, Jake Porway and R “Ray” Wang.


If your attending, please drop by my booth and check in with me on how you can be entered into a drawing for an iPad. Various Qlik experts and Qlik Community MVP’s will also be visiting so be sure to ask for assistance meeting your favorite contributors in person.


My booth is #1406 in the Discovery Expo


Like and Follow this post for activity and pictures throughout the week!


Best Regards, Sara

Sara Leslie

Qlik Community Survey

Posted by Sara Leslie Nov 18, 2016

Hello Qlik Community Visitors and Members,


We are running a survey to learn more about what you like about Qlik Community, what works and what could be better.

Please take a minute to fill out this quick survey so we can learn more about how to meet your needs in 2017 with Qlik Community offerings.



Best Regards,

Qlik Community Team

Over the next few weeks we will be posting weekly 'funnies' by the Marketoonist. Each one has a humorous take on BI or Business Information in the corporate world. We hope you enjoy them


Here's this weeks:



Feel free to click on the image/link to share your feedback or rate the document.


Cheers, Qlik Community team

small_mvp_2016 (2).jpg

Hello Qlik Community Members,

It’s mid-year already and Qlik Community has been really active with lots of great discussions and content.

We wanted to take a minute and thank our 2016 MVP members for all of their contributions. All of our 2015 members have opted to say in the program and we have added 10 additional members.

All of our MVP’s are top contributors and great assets to the community.They are the folks who always go the extra mile to help other members, give detailed responses to questions, upload examples and help set the tone in Qlik Community as a place to go for help and collaboration.

We thought it would be nice to share more details about each of our MVP members such as their first Qlik app, years working with Qlik products, country of residence and perspective on collaboration in Qlik Community.

We hope you enjoy this year’s Qlik MVP Member Trading Cards. Please take a minute to learn about each of our MVP’s and even follow some of them and their content.

Click on an MVP name to visit their Qlik Community Profile or on their MVP Trading card to see more details on their contributions.



2016 New Members
Mayil Vahanan RamasamyCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r3.jpgAlessandro SacconeCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r32.jpgNicole SmithCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r33.jpg

Stefan Wuhl


Robert MikaCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r35.jpg

Ruben MarinCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r36.jpg
John WitherspoonCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r37.jpgSunny TalwarCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r38.jpgMohammed Ashfaq Ali Community-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r39.jpg
Kaushik Narendra SolankiCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r326.jpg
2015 Alumni Members
Gysbert WassenaarCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r311.jpgMarcus SommerCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r312.jpgBill MarkhamCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r313.jpg
Marco WedelCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r314.jpgPeter CammaertCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r315.jpgManish KachhiaCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r320.jpg
Clever AnjosCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r317.jpgSteve DarkCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r316.jpgCelambarasan AdhimulamCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r321.jpg
Massimo GrossiCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r318.jpgRob WunderlichCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r319.jpgJagan MohanCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r322.jpg
Jonathan DienstCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r323.jpgYuri NicolettCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r310.jpgOleg TroyanskyCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r325.jpg
Ralf BecherCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r324.jpg



apple mobile app icon.jpg

Hello Qlik Community Members,


We are happy to announce the launch of our new Qlik Community Mobile Application for Apple users. With this new mobile app you will be able to monitor content that’s the most important to you, post and update content and collaborate with other members when not at your computer. This is particularly helpful when you are travelling, have some free time in between activities or just want to stay informed.


Please access our detailed instructions document titled: Qlik Community Mobile App for Apple Devices FAQ’s  for download/installation and best practices.

You can also visit the Qlik Community Mobile App for Apple Devices launch announcement thread to see member’s reviews and feedback and share your own.


Best Regards,

The Qlik Community Management Team

Hello Qlik Community Members,


We have just launched updates to our existing Missions and Badges which include:


  • Redesigned Mission Badges updated with the Qlik look and feel
  • Additional descriptions for more complicated missions
  • Qlik Community Tip document outlining Navigation, Mission details, Available Missions, and Difficulty Ratings
  • New Missions: Document Rater and Personable


We will be launching additional missions in the coming months to encourage more complicated activities and recognize special contributors. New missions will be applied on a going forward  basis to encourage and reward associated actions. So if you completed the required actions before the Mission was created, you will need to complete them again to receive the badge. As new missions launch we will announce them here and also update the associated Qlik Community Missions and Badges Resource Document.


-The Qlik Community Team

Hello Qlik Community Members,


We have just completed some updates we think you will find useful.


The categories on our Qlik Community Index page have been revised to provide easier navigation.  The new categories are:

  • Qlik Sense
  • QlikView
  • General


Under General you can find areas which are not product specific - such as Community Information, Education Services, Technical Blogs and Groups.


We have also added two resource areas on the top right of the home page highlighting:

  • Benefits of joining Qlik Community
  • Links to popular getting started resources


We will adding more getting started resources over the coming weeks to help new members learn best practices like where and how to post their questions. We hope you like the updates.


If you have a recommendation for resource materials, please contact sara.leslie@qlik.com.


-The Qlik Community Team

Last week we posted an announcement regarding the recently launched Qlik Community MVP program on the Qlik Blog titled: Recognizing Qlik Communities Most Valued Participants. We thought it would be nice to share more details about each of our MVP members such as their first Qlik app, years working with Qlik products, country of residence and perspective on collaboration in Qlik Community.


We hope you enjoy their sports inspired Qlik MVP Member Trading Cards and links to their profiles. For those of you who are new to Qlik Community- following MVP members updates in your content feeds is a great way to see some of the communities most current discussions and content. You might also have a sense of camaraderie with those who reside in the same country as you.




Bill Markham

Bill MVP card.jpg

Celambarasan Adhimulam

Celambarasam MVP card.jpg

Clever Anjos

Clever MVP card.jpg

Gysbert Wassenaar

Gysbert MVP card.jpg

Jagan Mohan Rao

Jagan MVP card.jpg

Jonathan Dienst

Jonathan MVP card.jpg

Manish Kachhia

Manish MVP card.jpg

Marco Wedel

Marco MVP card.jpg

Marcus Sommer

Marcus MVP card.jpg

Massimo Grossi

Massimo MVP card.jpg


Oleg Troyansky

Oleg MVP card.jpg


Peter Cammaert

Peter MVP card.jpg


Ralf Becher

Ralf MVP card.jpg


Rob Wunderlich

rob MVP card.jpg


Steve Dark

Steve MVP card.jpg


Yuri Nicolett

yuri MVP card.jpg

This Wednesday we will be hosting our 2nd Fika Learning Series event with Qlik experts online to answer questions pertaining to this engaging and very relevant topic:

The benefits of blending data and experience

Intuition and analytics are two poles of the decision-making spectrum. If you’re like most people, you naturally gravitate to one or the other. But no person or data set is perfect, and making decisions based solely on intuition or analytics won’t generate the best outcomes. Join our live event to learn how you can move to the middle and become a “data-informed” decision maker. During our Fika events, we’ll share educational videos and have our experts available to answer your questions in live discussion forums.

Take a sneak peek at the pre-event video intro.

Its not too late to RSVP for the event.

Best Regards,

Qlik Community Management Team


Hello Qlik Community Members,

We are happy to announce the launch of our Qlik Community MVP (Most Valued Participants) Program where we recognize the top contributors in Qlik Community.


Our 2015 MVP group


Gysbert Wassenaar

Manish Kachhia

Massimo Grossi

Jagan Mohan

Marco Wedel

Marcus Sommer

Yuri Nicolett

Peter Cammaert

Rob Wunderlich

Jonathan Dienst

Bill Markham

Clever Anjos

Celambarasan Adhimulam

Ralf Becher

Steve Dark

Oleg Troyansky

Our MVP are comprised of those who have accumulated the most points over time by posting content, helping other members and reinforcing the positive culture here in Qlik Community.If you’re new to Qlik Community these are the members you want to ‘follow’ in your activity streams so you can see the approach they take when solving problems. You may also bookmark their postings to stay current on Qlik solutions and relevant BI information.

You can visually recognize any Qlik Community MVP member by the green mvp-12px.png   icon next to their name on content feeds or when you mouse over their profile. We will be sharing more information in the coming months around the program as well as featuring these members and their expertise.

Please join me in congratulating and recognizing them for all of their contributions and hard work to help make Qlik Community a top resource for Qlik Partners, Customers and BI Researchers.


Best Regards,

Qlik Community Management Team

Hello Qlik Community Members,


I'm sure you noticed our scheduled maintenance window last week and again yesterday. Apologies for the extended outages which we know impact your collaboration and research schedule. These outages were part of a large platform version upgrade project and we did our best to minimize them as much as possible. Qlik Community is now on a newer version of the platform which has some great enhancements to improve user experience as well as fixes for some minor bugs.


Post Upgrade Tips

Please be sure to clear your browser cache and cookies to refresh the community interface. You may want to also log out and log back in. We have tested in all of the primary browsers (Chrome™, Firefox®, Safari® and Internet Explorer®) to ensure the updates are rendering correctly.


For the best experience you should always use the most recent version of your browser which contains extensions, updates, and plugins to help ensure you have the proper experience with loading time, content posting, and video display.

Profile Page

The profile page has been redesigned to be more engaging with larger images, centralized editing, and access to different types of content.

new profile page.jpg

Profile image and details are next to an enhanced image carousel.  The Profile Biography, Connections, and Self Assigned Skills (NEW) are easy to see and update.


Recent Activity displays your Status Update (NEW), Contacts, Featured Content, Recent Places, and different types of content streams.



People and Content Filtering has been improved and now allows dual filtering for a more refined search. You can search for content status, assignment, and activity level in specific areas or across the whole Community.


You can also change the display from 'pane' to 'list' style depending on your preference.

new filtering.jpg


We will be posting additional tips in the coming weeks to help you utilize more of the updated features.

Be sure to check your profile information, bookmarks, and content to ensure everything is correct.

If you have questions, issues, or feedback please email sara.leslie@qlik.com


Best Regards,

Qlik Community Management Team

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