Human Body Parts Graph

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is even more true in BI. With this in mind, it came to me this solution for representing accidents in a plant in a QV document, as one of the most important issues for reducing the accidents is the part of the body that has been injured (the size of the bubble shows the number of accidents in that part of the body):

    Body Graph.png

    This is a just a dispersion graph with an image on its background. It has one dimension (Body Part), and three expressions: One for the X axis, another for the Y axis, and another one for the bubble size. For the first two expressions, we need to map each body part we handle in our data with a position in the graph. For this, I created an excel file for mapping (see attached). The third expression (size) is just the sum of all the accidents.


    Once we have the mapping loaded, just have to fix the graphs max and min axis, so that it won't be resized after a selection. In my example, X is fixed to 8.3 and Y to 19.4.


    Change the background with a body image (attached), and its done.


    Please note that this graph is almost worthless if we don't combine it with other dimension data. This is my document's final result:


    I attach the image, the mapping excel, and the qvd: